Sea Shanties Choir Arrangements – Sheet Music and Learning Tracks

Anyone who has seen the film ‘Fisherman’s Friends’ (and many who haven’t) knows that Sea Shanties are hot right now.  We have decided to help choirs to get in on the action by creating arrangements of a selection of these well-loved songs.   This is with the enormous help and support of Gitika’s younger brother, Dave who is a member of the Sea Shanty group ‘The Roaring Trowmen’.  Gitika has done a combination of transcripton and arrangement of some of their recordings to create some really accessible versions for a variety of choirs and voices.  Our arrangers Doug Watts and Sam Burns have also contributed to the collection.  Sea Shanties are by their nature designed to be learned by ear and played around with in terms of rhythm, pacing and even harmonies so please take these resource packs as a way of getting started and see what emerges!   (Photo is of The Roaring Trowmen at the Priddy Folk Festival).

Update Feb 2021:  We have just added the trending sea shanty on Tiktok at the moment – Wellerman

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