Sing To Save Lives for the RNLI Bicentenary

We are absolutely delighted to be teaming up with the RNLI to help them celebrate their bicentenary in 2024!  ‘Sing To Save Lives’ is the brainchild of the brilliant team of people at the RNLI to help mark this hugely significant milestone, while also inspiring the next generation of supporters and volunteers of the organisation for the years to come. They recognised that one of the most powerful ways of inspiring people is through music and so the ‘Sing To Save Lives’ campaign was born.

The simple idea is to encourage as many community choirs and choral groups as possible to base some or all of a concert in 2024 around the theme of the sea. Choirs registering for the initiative will be able to receive support from the RNLI, including the team organising the 200th celebrations. The main objective of the programme is to remind everyone that love of the sea and trust in the RNLI go hand in hand. 

RNLI Lifeboat at sea

Fundraising at your concert isn’t mandatory, however, if you decide you wish to fundraise for the RNLI, then this would go towards their vision: to save every one.  ChoirCommunity are partnering with the RLNI to help promote the idea through our network of members, while also providing a useful (and completely optional) start point for repertoire ideas! To help really kick this off, we have also provided two completely original and specially written songs by Craig McLeish and Gitika Partington, available as free downloads from our specially curated collection.

So, please go ahead and register with the RNLI here and then come back to ChoirCommunity to browse our library of repertoire ideas!

This link should take you to the 'Sing To Save Lives' section of the RNLI 200 web page.  If it does not, you just need to scroll down the page a little to find it.  The 'Register Your Choir' link opens an email form to send to the RNLI with your contact details.

ChoirCommunity is partnering with the RNLI on the Sing To Save Lives programme. It is not fundraising or donating any money to the RNLI and no money will be given to the RNLI from any purchases made from ChoirCommunity, including any purchases of music from the website.

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