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At ChoirCommunity, we’re very aware of how hard the community choir scene (indeed the whole choir scene) has been hit by the global pandemic all over the world.  As we hopefully re-build our choirs back up to pre-pandemic levels, we thought how we could help to support the process of bringing choir members back to join choirs near them.

If you are looking for a choir to join, this is still early days at the moment, so there are a limited number of markers with information behind them.  This should continue to grow though, so please check back if you don’t find a suitable choir near you.  Markers with information behind them a bigger and bolder, while those which haven’t provided information yet are greyed out.

If you are a choir leader, whether you’re already a member of ChoirCommunity or not, you can promote your choir on this map by purchasing an info window and marker on the map.  Promoting your choir costs just £1.99 and allows us to ensure we comply with data protection and privacy laws while also funding online campaigns to bring prospective choir members to the site and look you up!  As soon as your marker has an information window, it will stand out on the map in front of all the other grey ones with a bigger and bolder icon.

Purchase your map marker info windows here:   Map Markers

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