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Launched in 2018 by brothers Craig and Piers McLeish, Choircommunity is now an established digital marketplace for choir music with over 1250 arrangements avaialble for immediate download,  written by over 25 submitting musicians.

What Our Customers Are Saying...

"I love this website. As a choir director with a limited budget, this service allows us to perform excellent, top quality arrangements for a really affordable price. We're currently working on Electricity & Ain't no sunshine, can't wait to see what's released next!"

Electricity - "I bought this for my Tuesday Community choir who see themselves as beginner singers and people that lack confidence in their ability. This is already proving popular as it’s a great song with an energising lyric, and by the second session it proved itself to be achievable so it is suitable for the group. Thank you."

Bring Me Sunshine - My choirs love singing this, they dance along from the start. Beautiful, upbeat arrangement with some good challenges for a community choir but it comes together well and pretty quickly.


Homeless - "This is a great song and is minimum effort maximum impact! The cantor part is really lovely to hear. Because we are a choir who gets the giggles we had to change the word ‘dead’ to ‘lost’! Thanks for great music, this is well worth singing- beautiful."

Hard Times Come Again No More - My singers and I loved this song and it's arrangement. It has a full sound without being complicated. This is great for beginner and intermediate level singers. Perfect for community choirs.

What Child Is This  - "Just beautiful ancient harmonies! They sound so complex but my choir picked them up in one night.  Easy to follow harmonies and a stunning finale!  Thank you for making me look great!"

Bambalela - "This is a fun, easy song to learn. My choir got the hang of it in just 15 mins. It sounds quite complex but is just another minimum effort/ maximum impact song from these brilliant arrangers. Thank you x"

Viva La Vida - "This is an excellent up-beat song to pull out when the audience wants to hear something big! It’s the peak of our performance! We particularly love to hear the tenors in their ‘solo’ towards the end."

Eriskay Love Lilt - "Thanks so much for this service! We are a community choir of 50 seniors in Sydney, working on a tight budget and your reasonable costs will enable us to purchase more music from your great selection. We look forward to singing Eriskay Love Lilt as we have already learnt a song in Gaelic."

Electricity - "My community choir loves singing this piece. Each part in the SSA arrangement is varied and interesting to sing, creating a rich texture and the familiarity of the piece has really boosted their confidence in singing it. Very grateful for what's being provided here."

When The Snow Lies Deep - "Lovely rich harmonies with some crunchy chords! Short and easy to memorise. It was nice to perform a new carol alongside the traditional music."

Perfect"Lovely arrangement, great fun to sing. Fairly challenging for Sops and Altos, and quite easy for Tenors and Basses. Goes up to a G in both Sop and Tenor parts at the end which was a bit high for my crowd, but I was able to re-jig things to avoid that while keeping the same chording."

Hotaru Koi - My ladies choir are loving this arrangement! Quite a challenge to start with but once the words are familiar, the enjoyment levels rise fast! This song works at all speeds…it’s mesmerising and will captivate an audience if sung well. We can’t wait to perform it!

"What a fine catalogue of great songs! All the parts have been beautifully layered on individual tracks to make learning and teaching easy. And for those who need a score, the composers and arrangers have anticipated your needs. Every song has both learning tracks and a score. Bravo, you guys"

Video Killed the Radio Star - "I was really impressed with this most unusual version of Video Killed The Radio Star. It demonstrates that there is an underlying depth of musicality which is often missed in simpler versions. I am very honoured that this attention to detail has shown the song in a completely different light!"  Geoff Downes

A Little Bit Of Love - A hugely catchy song and excellent arrangement. I'm looking forward to teaching this at my choir's residential weekend away very soon. Thank you Graham Kendrick and Craig McLeish!

A Keelie Makolay - "This would be perfect with choirs of any age who are beginning to improvise and get confident. It’s easy to learn and is wide open for opportunities to have fun. Thanks again, we love these short African songs that imbue us with confidence."

Freedom is Coming - Always good to have a few things that can be easily learned in one session, and this one was just the ticket. Mostly predictable (in a good way!) with some nice syncopation to spice it up.

In the Bleak Midwinter - "Accessible but full harmonies. We loved singing it with first verse as solo. The men doubled with sopranos as melody."

Kiss Me - "We bought this to sing at a wedding in December. Lovely harmonies and easy to remember – that’s a good feature as not all our members read music. The moment when it all came together was amazing and so satisfying for everyone. Hope we haven’t peaked too soon!"

I purchased a couple of the Rounds and Warmup packs for our online singing group and they are great! We use them every week to get started and warm up our voices. The purchase went exactly as described and I will not hesitate to buy more arrangements from ChoirCommunity.

Make You Feel My Love - We really enjoyed singing this via Zoom, learning it over several weeks as it’s fairly challenging for a community choir. Beautiful arrangement of a beautiful song. When we come back to singing in person we might need to edit it a bit to cut down on the number of parts. Or perhaps we’ll just go for it!

Lovely On The Water - Lovely on the Water is almost disablingly beautiful, a haunting tune superbly arranged. I first heard the redoubtable Maddy Prior singing it live with the original Steeleye Span (Martin Carthy, Ashley Hutchings, Peter Knight) in 1971. This will be a highly distinctive and unusual additon to our repertoire. It won’t be the simplest song we’ll be learning when we can get face to face again, but it will be worth the effort, I’m sure.

Keeping Faith - "I've been singing in Gitika's choir for many years and this is one of my favourite songs. I have young onset Parkinson’s which brings many daily challenges. I find singing at choir very therapeutic and it helps me in so many ways. It's been particularly apt for me to have sung this beautiful, uplifting song this term as I have been struggling with my Parkinson’s as it progresses. Singing with my lovely choir led by Gitika has been one of my candles, helping me to keep faith through some dark moments. Thank you Gitika!"

"Your website and tracks are wonderful.  You have been my main source for new music this term and it is making my job so much easier!"

Our Founding Arrangers

Craig McLeish

Craig is the musical director of Young Voices UK and has directed and arranged choirs for many broadcasts and shows, working with such artists as Beverley Knight, Mavis Staples, Paul Jones, Alexandra Burke, Joss Stone and Laura Wright. He is also the director of Milton Keynes Community Choir.

Gitika Partington

Gitika has been a  renowned community choir and workshop leader for over 20 years.  Highlights of her career include: teaching a song to 5000 people at the Royal Albert Hall; writing, singing, producing, recording and touring with her band ‘3 Bucket Jones’; teaching over 3000 inner London teenagers music; and publishing 4 a capella songbooks.

About ChoirCommunity

Photograph by Karen Kodish

The team at ChoirCommunity provide a different way of making music available to choirs of all types in the UK and beyond; more personal, well priced, but also properly licenced and approved so that the artists who created the music and the publishing rights owners are recognised for their efforts too.

We know the experience of being part of a choir is a uniquely fulfilling one. We want to enhance that with the best quality arrangements, tailored specifically to the needs of today's choirs.  Join the growing choir community today !

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