RNLI ‘Sing To Save Lives’ Song Collection

An RNLI lifeboat dingy with crew motoring away from the camera in calm waters

We are delighted to publish a collection of musical ideas and suggestions for your ‘Sing To Save Lives’ concert in collaboration with the RNLI to celebrate their bicentenary in 2024.  To find out more about the ‘Sing To Save Lives’ initiative, please visit our main page here.

All the music presented here has been selected to be suitable for a ‘maritime-themed’ repertoire.  We have also included two specially commissioned pieces by Craig McLeish and Gitika Partington which are available to download and use for free.

We hope you enjoy browsing the page and if you have any suggestions for music which you don’t currently see here, please get in touch with us by email and we will see what we can do to add your request to our library.

Update February 2024:  We are delighted to be able to add a third specially commissioned song and make it available as a free download.  ‘With Courage’ is the title song of a musical which has been written to commemorate the bicentenary and will be touring around the UK later in the year.  Pick up your free copy to give it a try below!

  Download Crossing The Bar   Download And You Rescue Me   Download With Courage
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