We have organised all our arrangements into eleven main genres and set them out here, so if you know what style of music you are looking for, jump in and browse through our collections.  With every arrangement you can read through the full score in our preview windows while listening to a high-quality sung recording of the music.


The genre with the most titles and greatest variety provides a huge choice for all choirs.


A huge variety of folk songs, sea shanties, both old and new from every corner of the British Isles.


Arrangements and compositions written in recent years with originality and flair.

Stage & Screen

Arrangements of popular favourites from films and musicals, as well as some more unusual choices.

Soul & Funk

Some of the best and most loved songs of the last century from the golden age of R & B.

World Music

An extremely eclectic range of music showcasing songs from every corner of the world, old and new.


A selection of both traditional and more modern jazz classics from the US and beyond.


Some of the greatest classics of the rock genre, often given an original twist to work with choirs.


Guaranteed to get the heart pounding and spread happiness among singers and audience.


A carefully curated selection of music in the classical choral tradition for community choirs.


Music used for religious purposes, both ancient and modern and adapted for community choirs.