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This is a reflective song. An inspirational song of hope from a curious mind, written for everyone who has concerns about our world and how black people are treated to sing, and for those who do not care, to hear….

I wrote this song after being faced, accidentally, with a truth that saddened me, broke my heart, brought me to tears.  Fact:
On the Spanish/ Moroccan border, (I am not sure which side) I saw this heading only last year June ’22.
Trigger Warning: Violence

They bludgeoned the hell out of them killing over 200 African refugees.

Later articles suggested that over 300 Africans were murdered. This information was never shared in the Media beyond twitter………..

About the song: ‘Why’

The process of learning this song will depend on the skill level of your group. This is a Song story, that is really beautiful when sung and experienced as a whole piece.

Please feel free to perform a section of the song, as part of a performance of other repertoire.  For example, the march at the end could work as a performance piece.

Bar 77 : Where is the hope? This section reflects different voices along a BLM freedom march,
Each entry comes in strong and then diminishes so that each new voice entry can be heard.
As the harmonies invert the urgency and intensity of this section should increase.
All of this is sung on an Ostinato Marching, Marching.

The song ‘Why,’ is full of cross rhythms, harmonies and call response patterns. It sounds a lot more complicated than it actually is.

Try it and see!!

This resource pack contains the full score, parts scores of the song and full audio learning tracks for each part, as well as the ensemble recordings which you can preview above.  This resource pack is licenced on an unlimited basis so is geared towards larger choirs, for choirs less than 75 members, the standard ‘per copy’ licence is also available from the button below.

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