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Blur’s 1997 hit is the epitome of laid-back, snarly cool. The Sop 1 ‘tsook-tsik’ is the drum intro, so detune this, and keep the rhythm really tight; then tune the ‘woo-hoo’ cleanly so it sounds like one voice. Enjoy the opportunity to do da-na-na guitar impressions, but remember to let the tune come through – it’s in the Tenor part in the verse, and in Sop 2 in the chorus. For the ‘Oh, yeah!’ at the end, the ‘Oh’ needs to be tuned, then fall right off it into the ‘yeah’. Have fun!

SSAA/ SSAT. Ranges correspond with women’s barbershop ranges: F4-Eb5 in Soprano 1, Ab3-C5 in Soprano 2, Ab3-G4 in Alto 1, Eb3-Db4 in Alto 2/ Tenor (there’s the option to go down to Db3 if some singers want to do this)

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