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As we start a new year there is always hope for a change from the old to the new – and the hope that things will get better soon.  This applies to this New Year perhaps more so than any other and there are signs of a potential upturn in fortune amid the gloom.

The vaccines are beginning their steady spread across the world but this looks like taking quite a while.  This might mean a good few more months of lockdown and hence more zoom choirs and online singing, which is far from ideal but is at least keeping us going somehow.  We are very grateful for all the choirs who have found Choir Community and used our arrangements and recordings during this difficult period, and it seems the Rounds and Warmups have been particularly useful.

So we thought we would write another little set of rounds for the New Year, with a mixture of silly ideas and hopefully uplifting words for you to add spice to your sessions!


Can You Believe? is the most straightforward of the new set and is perhaps a good place to start.  Basically made of scales it comprises a conversation that we have all had many times already this year!

Dahl Baddies mentions some of the worst villains which Roald Dahl created, and I hope it includes your favourites – if I have left out someone particularly evil please let me know and I’ll see if I can include them in a sequel of some sort. The tune is based on the well known clichéd pantomime villain tune which is actually called “Mysterioso Pizzicato” and has been used in countless movies and shows since 1914.


Come Follow is a popular round which I first learnt at school back in the 70s, but is clearly much older, having been attributed to John Hilton (1599-1657). There are many different versions all over the internet but this seems to be as close to the original as I can find.

Ring Out The Old is an excerpt from the famous Lord Tennyson poem which seems very apt at this moment.  I felt it needed some rising chords and a major key, plus some bell like piano which is optional.  The piano backing track has been included in the resource pack to download here.


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