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I have been very encouraged how popular the rounds packs have been – especially during lockdown.  It seems we all need silly things to divert ourselves and make warming up the voice a little more fun.  I am also indebted to Debbie Warren of Soundwaves and Kent Youth Choir, who took the Tropical Fruit Twist and gave it some seasonal words, plus an extra line of her own (you couldn’t have Christmas without mince pies…).  This has encouraged me to write and collect some more ideas to bring a seasonal flavour to warm ups everywhere, whether they are online or now in person.

The Christmas Food Twist can clearly accept more suggestions so if you come up with any please let us know! We have also provided a piano only track for anyone who wants to make their own version.

The Carol Mash Up comes in 2 varieties, a simple 3 parter and a 4 part version for those who like to stuff their rounds with as many voices as possible. When adding The Holly and the Ivy be aware of the need to fit a faster compound time song over a normal 4/4 pulse (check out the recording first if unsure).

Christmas Eve Round is another jolly 4 parter which skips along in F and will hopefully give some a warm feeling of readiness for that most wonderful time of the year.

Winter Double Haiku is an attempt to compose a round with a looser structure where the lines don’t sit exactly on top of each other in block style, which is what I normally do. I thought the words suited a minor key which I don’t think we’ve featured since the D minor Round (saddest of all keys) in Rounds Pack 1.

I hope that despite everything you mange to catch some Christmas Spirit wherever you are!

Craig McLeish
December 2020

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