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Another Breakfast Round was first written for a Young Voices teacher’s workshop session, but has proved popular during Lockdown zoom sessions with all ages.  Please feel free to write your own versions with other favourite cereals.  A more healthy sugar-free version might mention Muesli, All Bran, Ready Brek, Fruit and Fibre etc, or you could simply ask your singers to come up with their own versions; the possibilities are, well, limited but possible.

The Ghost of Tom – It’s always useful to have something seasonal ready for the rolling round of the year, and many have used this at Halloween, (before singing Monster Mash and Ghostbusters etc). There are many slightly different variations of this around – if anyone knows who wrote it or what the definitive version is please write and let us know!

Lockdown Time is the newest of this set, having been written specially for a Young Voices “At Home” singing session on 9th July.  It might not make much sense in a year’s time but right now it’s possibly the most relevant song on the website.  Adult choirs have identified with some of the lines, and again, your choir members might come up with new lines more relevant to them.  The full version includes a full go through with everyone unison before you split to 4 different groups.

The Streets of York – Another round which has come out of a desire to make the endless Zoom sessions slightly more varied.  Anyone who has been to the wonderful City of York UK will have come across these amazing Street names.  I had the pleasure of leading a choir at Bootham School this year and this was written for them as many of them lived in the roads mentioned.  Many of them have exciting stories attached to them – why not find out more by looking them up?  I have chosen a rather minor sounding key for this which hopefully matches some of the dark tones of the truth behind the names… NB you will need 5 groups for this one.

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  • Lockdown Round

    Good song that lends itself well to swapping experiences, writing our own poems etc.

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