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Rounds are a wonderful way to get people singing in harmony without trying.  They are a brilliant link between warm up exercises and real pieces as they use the full voice but not too much brain as everyone sings basically the same tune, just at different times!  It’s also fun to mix up your voices so that Sops can sing with Basses, Altos with Tenors etc.  People get out of their familiar formation and maybe get to know others in the choir they hadn’t met before.  The positives are many, but maybe we are a bit worn out with old tried and tested ones.

Craig has written 3 new rounds which have partly come out of the lockdown situation…

Craig’s Isolation Warm Up has been received well wherever he has taught it.  The British government recommended singing happy birthday while  washing because it is 20 seconds long.  Craig thought that was a very boring idea so he wrote a new song – and it takes exactly 20 seconds to sing through,
and it works in a round!

Do Be do Wop can be a nifty way to get your choir to sing scat style! It’s not really a round (unless you get everyone to learn all the parts!) but more of a little warm piece – you can experiment with bringing the voices in one by one rather than altogether from the start – our demo simply follows the score. You could ask your singer to write their own words to this once they get bore with do be dooing.

Breakfast Round 2 was written while Craig was making breakfast for himself yesterday, as he was going slightly mad during lockdown. It was premiered online at the Choir Community Distant-Sing and more lines were suggested by the attendees.  So watch out for developments! This is presented as a quodlibet with certain voices taking certain lines, but it would work as a round if everyone sings through the tunes 1-6 in order. We have provided a piano backing track for you but it would still work nicely a cappella.

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  • What would you like for Breakfast

    ….. a question I’ve always regretted asking my children because the answer was pretty much the same as this little ditty – however the Breakfast 2 warm up round has brought me, my own children (now grown) and my singing students so much joy. We can hardly get through it without giggling! Nor can any of us eat breakfast or even think about breakfast without breaking into song 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Breakfast Round 2

    The solemnity of this treatment of the subject of breakfast makes it truly witty.

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    I am very happy with the product we purchased and will be buying from ChoirCommunity again.

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