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A Round of Three Country Dances in One  – Composed by Thomas Ravenscroft, and published by Pamemelia in  1609. This can be sung and considered to be a very long round, but generally it is cut into 4 sections (making the name rather curious) so could be considered to be a set of partner songs or a quodlibet – a historical antecedent to the modern-day music mashup.  The  bass or ‘ground’ takes on the first section ‘Sing after fellows’ which is always underneath any of the other parts which can be brought in one at a time, or all together. There is  lots of scope for arranging this  into a performance piece. Depending what key you decide to sing the piece in will impact which voice sings which part.  Teaching by ear, I tend to teach one of the four sections each week, as the individual sections are at first glance a little complicated and take a bit of brain power as the melodies do not seem intuitive if you are not used to 16th century melody.  Your choir may look oddly at you for several weeks but once learned this is such a huge favourite with everyone.

This resource pack contains the score, full ensemble learning track and separate learning tracks for each part.

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