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Our latest collection of rounds is drawn from the earlier eras of musical composition.  There is some lovely variety to try in this selection and plenty for all parts to warm up the vocal chords!

Dona Nobis Pacem – This is one of the best known rounds of all time, and many of your singers would probably have done it before somewhere. The composer is unknown but it was inconclusively attributed to Mozart at one point. Good for breath control, as the lines are on the lengthy side compared to most rounds. Go for beautiful phrasing through the Donas towards the “Pacem”. The translation is of course “Give us Peace”, and the song has been used at Peace rallies and significant global peace events such as the reunification of Germany.

Like A Bird – Luigi Cherubini (1760-1842) was a friend of Beethoven who rated him very highly among his contemporary composers. Probably intended as a useful vocal warm up this round comprises octave leaps, scales and arpeggios.

Perfect Light – Slightly unusual among rounds this has 5 parts not the usual 3 or 4. This gives quite a dense texture once all parts are going, and the brooding minor key works perfectly with the text.

Adieu Sweet Amaryllis – The oldest round of this collection and probably my favourite. John Wilbye was famous for madrigals such as Draw On Sweet Night and Weep Weep Mine Eyes. This lovely round features a character from Greek mythology who fell in love with Alteo who was only interested in flowers. The tragic unrequited nature of this love is reflected in the round which has some lovely Tudor suspensions!


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