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Rounds are a wonderful way to get people singing in harmony without trying.  They are a brilliant link between warm up exercises and real pieces as they use the full voice but not too much brain as everyone sings basically the same tune, just at different times!  It’s also fun to mix up your voices so that Sops can sing with Basses, Altos with Tenors etc.  People get out of their familiar formation and maybe get to know others in the choir they hadn’t met before.  The positives are many, but maybe we are a bit worn out with old tried and tested ones.  Craig has written 3 new rounds and revitalised perhaps the oldest one of them all.

Spring is Sprung is not the full original verse but Craig has adapted it to make the music work – some think this is by Ogden Nash but it is older than that and Anonymous.

D minor is, as those who are familiar with the seminal, if you will, Rockumentary that is Spinal Tap, will know, is, the saddest of all keys. I think that’s all the explanation we need.

We Love Singing Together is an attempt at a more bluesy tune, complete with blue notes and scoops – It’s definitely harder to learn than the other two, but possibly more rewarding. You can be the judge of that!

Sumer is icumen in was possibly first sung around AD 1250 – the first known manuscript dating from 1261-64.  Written in the Wessex dialect of Middle English it is the oldest known musical composition featuring 6 part harmony.  This is achieved by the repetition of a short canon called the Pes – this continues as a constant background to the main round which can be split many ways but usually 4.  Have fun finding out the full translation and meaning of the words online (wikipedia has most of the info) and discover the controversy surrounding what the bullock does!
This resource pack contains the score for each round, plus full learning tracks for each round in single and combined voices.
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