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Craig originally wrote this simple 4 part arrangement of Pokarekare Ana in response to the tragic shootings in New Zealand in March 2019.  We made the music freely available on ChoirCommunity to enable choirs to show solidarity and support for the people of New Zealand and had an amazing response (as you can see from the number of copies downloaded).


We are also delighted to say that the song has been chosen for the Leicester Sing For Water festival which will be held on Sunday June 6th, 2021.  Leicester’s Sing for Water has been held as part of the Leicester Riverside Festival since 2008 so we are very happy to be able to promote this great initiative again this year.


The song is the traditional unofficial Anthem of New Zealand so there are no copyright issues.  It is a traditional love song, written in Maori and composed around the time World War One broke out.


This resource pack, which will continue to be freely available for download for as long as we’re operating, includes a full set of learning tracks, both the ensemble mix and separate parts along with the score.


In order to download the resource pack, you just need to register an account with us (which is also completely free and only takes a few minutes).


Update:  During the recent lockdown period created by the Worldwide Coronavirus pandemic, we used this arrangement to sing in our Distant-Sing virtual choir sessions.  In these sessions it was pointed out by some of our members in New Zealand that some of our Maori pronounciation could be improved.  The Maori language (te reo Māori) is a taonga (treasure) belonging to the Māori people and we absolutely understand the need to treat it with the utmost respect.  We hope that the new versions of the audio learning tracks which we have updated today (27 April 2020) do this beautiful language justice so that the song can be enjoyed as close as possible to the intented pronounciation as possible.  If you are intending to use this piece with your choirs, please download the new learning tracks for guidance.
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  • Gorgeous

    This is a favourite with the choir. Lovely harmonies.

  • General Feedback

    Absolutely beautiful arrangement. Each part tuneful in its own right, so not too difficult to learn and teach but fitting together to make a harmonious whole. Good combination of Maori and English text to give meaningful expression to singers from both cultures. Was able to teach largely without the score, which was helpful for my community choirs who don't all read music.

  • Pokarekare Ana – Resource Pack

    This is such a great song and arrangement – my choir love it. Thank you

  • Pokarekare Ana

    Excellent Arrangement – thank you and hope i can find more of these nice Arrangements.

    • Soul-filled arrangement. Thank you. I teach a global music program in Chicago, including many refugee/immigrant children. We will learn this. Please let me know if people in the New Zealand Maori community consider this their “official” anthem as you mention it as New Zealand’s “unofficial” anthem.

  • Thanks so much for this

    A very meaningful song for us here in Australia now at this time.
    Thank you so much

  • Pokarekare

    Thank you for your generous offer from this beautiful song.


  • Pokarekare

    Lovely song and a very generous offer.
    Thank you,

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