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Oi Khodyt' Son Kolo Vikon - phonetic score - SECURE

We’re not here at ChoirCommunity to make political statements, but we are aware of the desire of choirs around the world to show support and solidarity with the people of Ukraine as they deal with the terrible situation in their country.  As we did with the publication of Pokarekare Ana to support the people of New Zealand in 2019, this resource pack will always remain a free download for anyone to use.  However, we would love it if you considered making a donation to UNICEF’s Appeal if you make use of Jake’s arrangement with your choir.

Jake writes:

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, I was asked by some of my singers if we could learn a Ukrainian song. This is the one I picked – a beautiful, traditional lullaby in the minor mode.

An interesting piece of trivia for your singers: Oi Khodyt’ Son Kolo Vikon is said to have inspired George Gershwin to write “Summertime”.

Although I have done my best to write the lyrics out phonetically in a way that will make sense to native English speakers, I strongly suggest that you listen to the song being sung by a Ukrainian before you learn it or teach it to your choir. Many versions exist online – here is a lovely rendition by Ukrainian-American singer, Kvitka Cisyk.

As with many arrangements I write, this song can be done using virtually any combination of singers. As indicated in the score, the parts can be taken down an octave if necessary, and it is entirely up to you how you choose to organise your singers. However, this is what I would suggest for mixed voice choirs:

– If you have just a small number of men in your choir relative to the number of women, I would put them all on Voice 1, singing down an octave, alongside a few women singing voice 1 at pitch.

– For mixed choirs with more or less the same numbers of men and women, I would share them equally between the parts, with the men always singing an octave lower than the women.

– In the unlikely event that you have a small number of women relative to the number of men, I would put them all on Voice 1, singing either at pitch or down the octave.

This resource pack contains the full score and high-quality audio learning tracks for each part, as well as a full ensemble recording.

In order to download the resource pack, you just need to register an account with us (which is also completely free and only takes a few minutes).

UPDATE 8/3/22: The resource pack now contains two versions of the score – one with the lyrics written out phonetically for native English speakers, and the other with the lyrics transcribed formally from the Ukrainian alphabet. The second version may be more appropriate for non-English speaking choirs.  If you have already downloaded the song, these scores will automatically be in your downloads page in the Accounts menu when you log on.

Thanks to Oksana Rodak for help with the transliteration of the lyrics.

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  • Lovely & Timely song

    A beautiful song in its own right, and a timely addition to our repertoire. Everything in the resource pack has been produced clearly and to the highest quality. Will be teaching this to two choirs, and at an upcoming workshop day. Many thanks, Jake, and we’ll (of course) give you a big name check!

  • Beautiful lullaby from Ukraine

    I have found the scores – both phonetic and transliterated – extremely helpful when teaching this song. The notation and text is well set out. I have also appreciated having the original Ukrainian text and have been able to share this song with a Ukrainian refugee currently living locally.
    The vocal arrangement works extremely well. The well-placed discords in the 3 part harmony gives an authentic sound. I have been teaching this to two small choirs, one upper voices, one mixed voice, who have been learning this song by ear and enjoy singing it.

  • Oi Khodyt' Son Kolo Vikon

    Thanks so much for giving us this arrangement to sing in these troubled times Jake, I shall be trying more of your songs in future. Best wishes Tessa

    • Thanks so much for this lovely arrangement Jake. Will sing this at our support Ukraine Concert in June .

  • Thank you.

    Both of my choirs are really pleased to be singing this heart-wrenching Ukrainian lullaby. 🇺🇦🌻💙💛
    Thank you so much for letting us. We have donated to the DEC Ukraine and will be collecting for them whenever we can.
    It feels such a dark time in the world at the moment & as ever music can help us.

  • Sing 2 Protect Children in Ukraine

    What an amazing arrangement, as always, we love doing Jake’s beautiful arrangements & so delighted to see thousands of choirs have joined us to sing this fabulous tribute to the people of Ukraine. May the #warstop soon & the Children in Ukraine #staysafe.

    We have set up our fundraising page 4 anyone that would like 2 contribute via our Justgiving page which goes directly to UNICEF UK – https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Sing4Ukraine?utm_campaign=lc_frp_share_transaction_fundraiser_page_launched&utm_content=12dc767b-4f0e-45ab-9c5d-709d9c197891&utm_medium=email&utm_source=postoffice&utm_term=1646756902509

  • Oi Khodyt’ Son Kolo Vikon

    Thank you So much for this beautiful song. Such a lovely tribute and way of sending good thoughts to the people of Ukraine enduring such horror. My choir are going to love this!
    Bless you Jake!

  • Beautiful music!!!

    A few people in my group expressed interest so I decided to purchase the package and found it's free. I wish to donate to UNICEF but I could not find a link. Can you help me to find it? Thank you so much Jake and CC for sharing this beautiful song with us.

  • Thank you

    A beautiful song and a beautiful arrangement. Our choir is putting on a concert soon to raise money for Ukraine and we hope to open it with this.

  • Gratitude for song

    Thank you for this delightful melody. Our group will send prayers for the return of peace to the Ukraine as we sing it.

  • Oi Khodyt Son Kolo Vikon

    I had been wondering how to bring a song to my choirs in acknowledgement of the terrible situation for the Ukrainians. This song is beautiful and so poignant. Thank you so much for sharing it with us Jake and for the clear teaching guidelines. We will sing it in our summer concert and donate to the Unicef fund.

  • beautiful

    Thank you very much for sharing this, it’s really beautiful. My choir is rehearsing for a fast-approaching concert but we will look at this song immediately afterwards. I’ve donated to the Unicef appeal using the link..

  • Grateful

    thanks so much for this beautifully arranged and also in lay out very clear. the phonetic words in the sheet. The sung voices. I am very touched by your giving this away action.
    in a few weeks i will have a choir weekend. And for sure we will connect to Ukrain with this song and in heart with everything we will sing.
    When you are interested in this group. Please check out our last CD project we made. ‘Evening rise’. Tell Mama we’re late. You can find it on spotify and on youtube.
    Thanks so much
    Kindly, Nicoline Snaas director of womens choir Tell Mama we’re Late

  • Many thanks

    Thank you so much for sharing this and for the research and work with the words of the song. It’s beautiful and I am looking forward to sharing it with my choirs.

  • A lovely arrangement

    Thanks so much to Jake and CC for allowing this lovely arrangement to be used freely in support of the Ukranians. What a generous gesture. I have donated to UNICEF as suggested and look forward to singing this soon.

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