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A medley of 3 significant Northumbrian folk songs-  ‘Here’s the Tender Comin’, ‘Dance To Your Daddie’ and ‘Byker Hill’ – that has lots of little rhythmic nooks and crannies and could certainly be learned by ear over several sessions. There are some little canons and fast paced rhythmic sections which may take a little time to master, but worth it. It is three songs in one and could easily be split into three separate shorter songs.

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  • Northumbrian Folk Medley

    A thumpingly virile arrangement, literally charging from one song into the next. The tenor part seemed high at first, but my lot found they could really wallop it once they got to know it. Obviously, with 3 songs involved there’s a fair bit to learn, but it’s all very singable & a MASSIVE crowdpleaser/showstopper. I am certain that we will keep this one in our repertoire for a long time.

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