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The global pandemic has hit choir singing as hard as any sector or pass time – arguably harder than most.   There is now some genuine hope that choirs will be able to come back together but with membership numbers dramatically reduced, we wanted to find a way to support the process for prospective choir members and choirs to find each other and get the UK and the rest of the World singing again!

To this end we have developed ChoirCommunity Map Pages on our website where every registered member can promote their choir and make it easier for potential members to find them, contact them and join up.  This download will enable you to set up your custom info-window on the appropriate map with all the information someone would need to get interested in your choir and contact you.

This is not a money-making scheme!  We want this to be a ‘win-win’ initiative for everyone.   We will put all the net income generated from the purchase of these info windows into online search and social media targeted campaigns to bring prospective singers to the page and seek choirs in their local area.   We just hope that the increased traffic and interest we could generate will increase our awareness in the marketplace.

If you are registered with one choir, but run multiple choirs, you can purchase as many additional markers and info windows as you need here.  We recommend that if you’ve registered multiple times with us for your different choirs to keep them separate, you purchase the info windows from the different accounts to keep them correctly linked.

This download will provide you with a purchase confirmation document with more detailed instructions for how to set up your markers and info windows.  Below is an illustration of what the info window will look like:

Google Map of Choirs in UK image

Check out the UK Map Page here, and the Rest of the World Map Page here.

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