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This is a well known South African song which exists in many different versions! This is of course because African song is an aural tradition, so no version is truly right or wrong, and I have never before seem one written down!

However I have researched the song as far as I can and this is my definitive version which tallies mostly with what I have found.  Here are the words and a translation:-


Maliswe, buyunekaya, (x3)

Tina se sa fu naha.

(Hic se) Hai hai se hambana sokolo, (x3)

Tina se sa fu naha.


Maliswe, come back home,

We want you back.

Since you left we have been suffering,

We want you back.

The song is in three parts: top, middle and lower, and in traditional African ‘parallel’ harmony, that is to say the parts all have the same contour.

We have provided a backing track of authentic African drums which fits with the plan of the song, which could be used if you don’t have your own djembes!

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  • Maliswe – Sheet Music

    Very straightforward, but great fun – a useful addition to the repertoire!

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