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A very catchy folk song from Jamaica which I remember singing at school maybe possibly thanks to Johnny Morris and Singing Together? It was very popular when we performed it at our concert last year.  We are very lucky to have a Jamaican born Soprano who helped us with pronunciation and the translation of some of the words – here is a short guide for you:-
Ackee – The national fruit of Jamaica, has a creamy texture, often cooked with saltfish
Quatty – A coin equivalent to a penny or a cent.
dem tan – “They are”
nyam gran – “tastes good”
The opening set up with the Bass and Tenor starting together and Alto following on doesn’t have to be sung every time as a link – you can go straight into the verses if you like, but we found it a useful way to gather thoughts and change the dynamic each time.  We also repeated the final chorus although the learning tracks available on the link below do not do this.
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  • Great fun

    I had wanted to do this with my all-comers community choir for a long time as I fondly remember it from school. I thought they would be familiar with it too…but not! Maybe it was a Midlands thing?? No matter, they picked it up quickly and are really enjoying it. Up-beat, with a little bit of challenge on the second page to keep them on their toes, but very accessible.

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