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LADY OF AUTUMN 201118 - Full Score -SECURE

If your choirs are anything like mine there are some people who can’t wait for Christmas, they could probably sing carols all year round and think nothing of it….But there are plenty of others ( possibly myself included) who are happy to leave the Christmas songs until well into December.  With this in mind we offer you another Autumn themed song which fits perfectly into the Community Choir folk genre.

I heard this performed in a pub folk club last year and I was spellbound.  It has a timeless quality and simplicity that gives the impression it’s been around for years, whereas it’s actually quite a recent song written by duo Dave Webber and Anni Fentiman.

The tune works well in either octave so the tenors have verse 1, and the sops verse 2, please note on the score that these verses aren’t meant to be sung together.. Its just a space saving exercise. The choruses are deliberately the same every time to cut down learning time, but verse 3 has a bit more to it with the voices being added in descending order, finishing with all 4 parts in the final line.

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  • Beautiful arrangement of a beautiful song

    The harmonies are lovely with enough interest in all of the parts. We managed to learn it in one session with the help of the learning tracks. A new favourite (of many from Choircommunity)

  • My Lady of Autumn

    A simple & highly singable arrangement but with enough variation to sustain interest right through the 4 verses.
    My choir just LOVE singing it, & that passion really helps reduce pitch loss amongst other numerous benefits!
    I expected its simplicity & length/repetitive nature to wear thin after a while (I have a notoriously low boredom threshold).
    But actually it didn’t. It’s achingly beautiful enough to carry itself through. And audiences love it too.

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