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We are are delighted to introduce a new song for choirs to sing through this time of humanitarian, ecological and political turmoil.  It was written by two of our arrangers – Gitika and Val Regan, with Andrew McCrorie-Shand, who co-wrote ‘All at Sea’ with Gitika.

We have also included a video of Gitika’s Choirs singing the song this summer and below are some quotes from some of the choir members about how the song makes them feel.

‘Music often lifts the soul but this song is special. There’s a feeling as you sing it, an awareness of those around you, singing as one, minds and voices in a musical prayer for the sanity of the world’

 ‘The power we all have individually, and how that is magnified when we are many. Whether it is voices or ideas or revolution. Singing this song gives me goose bumps, makes me feel hopeful, positive and filled with light. Truly burning bright. No matter how dark the days might feel’

‘It is easy to get disheartened and feel we are making no difference when we are campaigning/protesting.  The song made me feel that we do count, that we are keeping that flame (however fragile) alight in the world.’

‘Singing this song reminded me that we all have a role to play in the guardianship of the world we occupy and of the neighbours we share it with.  That ‘enlightenment’ has the power to dispel demons however they may appear.’

We hope your choirs will enjoy some similar positivity when they sing this!

This resource pack includes the full score, audio learning tracks for each part and the full ensemble audio recording.  This resource pack is licenced on an unlimited basis so is geared towards larger choirs.  For choirs less than 100 members, the standard ‘per copy’ licence is also available from the button below.

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