Jesu Joy Of Man’s Desiring – Backing Track

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Much of Bach’s incredible choral music is unfortunately quite advanced for the average choir.  The Motet’s, Passion choruses, and the B minor mass are infused with intricate fugues and counterpoint that only the very top professional choirs can tackle successfully. However, he did like a good hymn tune, and often wrote beautiful accompaniments for them in the style of a Chorale Prelude.  This one is perhaps the most famous, presented here with an English translation.  The phrases are short enough to do in one breath.  Something I would like to mention is that when the phrase ends with two syllables, try and stress the one on the beat and really make the final one quiet – eg. De-sir-ing, As-pir-ing.  Exaggerate the effect more than you think you need and the results are stuninng I promise!  When you perform this, perhaps use a solo instrument like a violin or oboe to play the top line of the accompaniment for an authentic experience!

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