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In March 2022 we published an arrangement by Jake Alexander of the Ukrainian folk song ‘Oi Khodyt’ Son Kolo Vikon’ or ‘The Dream Passes by the Windows’ to enable choirs to show support and solidarity with the people of Ukraine.  We wouldn’t normally try to repeat the same idea twice, but the opportunity to publish this song from Anna Tabbush was impossible to ignore.  We’re extremely grateful to Anna for offering it to us on ChoirCommunity.

This is a very different song from Jake’s arrangement so we felt it could offer something different for choirs to sing.  In many ways the two songs complement each other to create a contrasting pair.   This resource pack contains the full score and high-quality learning tracks for each part as well as the ensemble recording.

Anna writes:

I wrote Harbour two years ago in response to the Syrian refugee crisis.  With the appalling response by the British press and government to the tragedies that were happening at sea, I felt mine was a lonely voice in wanting a more welcoming and compassionate country to live in. I wrote the song so that others with similar opinions to me could sing together and know that they were not alone and that together we could change our society for the better.

Harbour is more popular than ever now that the people of the world are feeling driven to help the millions of refugees fleeing Ukraine. I would like my song to help all of those fleeing war zones. Soon we will be welcoming more refugees into our countries and my hope is that my song will help ensure they are met with warmth, compassion and generosity. So please keep singing and sharing it. Keep campaigning to reduce the unnecessary bureaucracy that prevents people from finding a safe passage into our countries. Thank you for your belief in the power of song.

In order to download the resource pack, you just need to register an account with us (which is also completely free and only takes a few minutes).

Update 27/09/23 – after 18 months of making this song free to download from the website, we have decided to charge a modest amount for copies going forward.  This is partly as a result of the new RNLI initiative we have launched today, within which we are offering two new songs for free from the site.


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  • Easy and Beautiful

    My middle school students sounded great on it!

  • Such a gift

    My choirs absolutely love singing the song along with the sentiment behind it’s composition. Love having the range of voice settings for it as well.

  • A total favourite!

    One of my Community Choir’s absolute favourites!

  • Beautiful

    Thank you so much for this song, its beautiful.

    We are Beechwood Community Cancer Care Choir and our MD, Lesley Carson, loves your website.
    She spotted this song, which suits our choir perfectly, and we can’t wait to take it for a sail 😄
    Thank you

  • Harbour

    We are a new community choir in Matamata, Aotearoa NZ and we sang Harbour at our inaugural concert. Everyone loved singing it and the audience was moved. In recognition of Anna making the song freely available we have donated $300 to Médecins Sans Frontières to support its work with refugees.

  • Enjoy leading this one with your group! It's a treasure

    Anna’s arrangements! Anna’s writing! What a joy to teach with a group. I’d done the SAB version in the past and am now doing the SATB. I hope this beautiful song will get many, many outings with its message of welcoming ALL refugees from no matter what conflict. It’s beautifully written and arranged for unaccompanied voices. Thank you Anna!

  • Harbour

    Thank you for this beautiful song, which we love singing. The harmonies were simple enough for our village choir to quickly learn. It brought tears to the eyes of audience members (in a good way) when performed at a fundraiser for refugees.

  • Can anyone help please?

    My community choir in Melbourne is loving this beautiful song – they have really connected with it. My question is, has anyone created a backing for it? I know it’s just beautiful acapella, but would also like the security of a backing – even a very simple one – when we are singing outside. Before I create one, has anyone done this already please? Or even have the chords?

    • I just realized I visit this site so rarely that I should just post the chords.
      It’s a wonderful song!

      (E) When you cross the stormy waters, Come walk a-(B)shore.
      Bring your (E) sons and bring your daughters. Wan-(Bb7) no (E) more.
      For our (A) door is always (B) open, And our (E) hearth is always (A) warm.
      When you (A) need a place to (B) shelter, We’re a (C#m) harbour in the storm.

    • Have you gotten the chords yet?
      I can easily supply those for you, but we don’t have a written arrangement.
      Let me know.

  • Moving and relevant

    This was a real favourite at our concert on Sunday in our village, especially as in the audience was a couple who had just taken in a Ukrainian family. Our retiring collection was in aid of the Red Cross Ukraine appeal for Ukraine. I volunteer with asylum seekers from many war torn and conflicted areas so I was particularly pleased to read Anna Tabbush’s explanation that the song was directed at all refugees.
    Thank you for making this song available free of charge.

  • Beautiful song, so poignant for Ukraine

    My trio have learnt this song and plan to sing it at a concert for Ukraine in Selby Abbey on 17th September 2022. It is simple yet so beautiful. We did change the last chard to make it more “final”.

    PS Also noticed that the words of 2nd verse were incorrect on PDF, but no worries!

  • A poignant song for our times

    Anna Tabbush has written lyrics that speak to the uncertain times we are living through. The tune is beautiful and memorable. She has given us a song of hope, comfort and inspiration. I have been teaching three of her arrangements of Harbour for different voicings: SSA, TTB and SATB. Each arrangement is well-crafted with distinctive part-writing. My choirs have been deeply moved by this song.

  • Harbour

    Such a beautiful song and perfect for community choirs. My choir only has a few men and some members do not read music, but the format of the song and the harmonies are very easy to pick up by ear, so this is ideal.
    Also, what a lovely song with a generous spirit, especially poignant in these troubled times. I always tell my choir to find the ‘character’ of the music and sing with that in mind – this song has character in abundance and I am really looking forward to performing it at our next concert.
    Thank you for making it available at no charge – very generous of you. Our choir held a fundraising concert for Ukraine and have donated all the proceeds to help the people of Ukraine who need our help at this time.

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