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Grandfather's Clock - SECURE

Grandfather’s Clock is a song I learnt as a very small child. My mum sang lots of songs with me and this was one of them. As with any song that is taught aurally, the version you know probably differs from the original, and all the other versions. The tune I’ve used matches the original score that I found in the online Library of Congress. There were bits that I knew differently. So beware of not just singing the version in your head, but really listen to the tracks and look at the music to help match up to this version.

The tune is mostly in the alto line, with a section in the soprano line and a little snippet in the bass line. Sorry tenors! You’ve got harmony all the way through.

The dynamics in the score are a guide, basically make sure you can hear the tune and if you’re not singing the tune, be a notch down in volume.

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