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“Black Lives Matter: An Ally’s Love Song” is exactly what the title affirmatively states: a song that expresses love and care for Black lives. It was especially composed to be sung by supporters who understand that the devaluation and marginalization of people like me must end. Our collective humanity is inextricably linked together. Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer said it best: “None of us are free until ALL of us are free!“ We can love each other as we cooperatively work to build a world of peace, harmony and equity for all.

The song’s original form was an 109 BPM 3/4 waltz-like lullaby. Though quite beautiful, it was dense with heavy harmonies and lyrics. A random morning drive up Pacific Coast Highway opened up the bass line to the chorus, “Keep shining your light, keep shining your light, shining your light – of – truth for Black Lives.” My head was bobbing so hard that a driver at a red light asked me, “What ARE you listening to and can we have some?” The rest of the sections flowed seamlessly as I rushed back home to pull them all together. I used the very same lyrics – and flipped them ever so slightly into what is now a rousing 4-To-The-Floor Gospel banger (we AIN’T talkin’ sausages here!).

The song was constructed so that the four distinctive parts – Prelude, Verses, Choruses and Chant – can be performed as independent sections. There are parts for all voices; from the penthouse to the basement to exuberant shouters – EVERYBODY EATS!

I have no special instructions other than to please take your time and enjoy the learning process. There are lots of little intricacies that make the song challenging yet quite fun to sing. The Prelude and the Chant pair nicely, as do the Chorus and the Chant. I’m all for it, as long as the words and melodies remain the same. I just want us all to stay inspired and fired up to be the change we really want our children’s great grandchildren to see.  And yes, please forward videos of yourselves singing the song on the corners, highways and byways wherever it is needed. Keep shining the light of truth for Black Lives! I freely share with so much love! Thank you!

This resource pack contains the full score, percussion score, lyric sheet and full audio learning tracks for each part, as well as the ensemble recording which you can preview above.  This resource pack is licenced on a ‘per copy’ basis, where a copy should be purchased for each member of your choir.  For larger choirs, an unlimited licence is also available from the button below.

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