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better day SATB - SECURE

I wrote Better Day for those of us, like myself, who sometimes wake up with the voice of doom in their heads! Depression can hit us all, and can be all consuming, but it’s important to listen to the other voice telling us that things are going to get better, because they usually do!

The “Raise the valleys“ chorus comes from a Bible quote in Isaiah 40:4: “Every valley shall be exalted“ and really typifies the work that has to be done to remove all obstacles and make a straight path to allow Joy to come home!

So the first thing that I’d better tell you is, you will find it easier to sing the song one tone up, especially if your basses are more baritone! I only realised that after trying to teach it myself!

Teach the chorus first: it’s the easiest bit! Follow that with the “better day “bridge and essentially, you have the meat of this song!

The verse is the trickiest bit. I would say: first, teach the bass the first half of the verse up to “love is on the way”.  Next, follow with the Sopranos, then altos, then tenors.  Approach the second half of the verse in the same manner.

The more complicated form of this song, includes the different African language words, which all mean “it’s going to be better.”  This is only for the most ambitious choirs and each part can be sung by a confident soloist.

This resource pack contains the full score plus a score for the alternative, more ambitious ending, a lyric sheet and full audio learning tracks for each part, as well as the ensemble recording which you can preview above.  This resource pack is licenced on a ‘per copy’ basis, where a copy should be purchased for each member of your choir.  For larger choirs, an unlimited licence is also available from the button below.

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