We’ve Mapped Our Community!

May 9, 2019 - By 

One of the really enjoyable experiences we have had since setting up ChoirCommunity has been to see the growing number of choirs discover the website and sign up. I get an alert email every time that happens and it still gives me a little buzz each time it happens!

….which is quite nice since it has now happened well over 800 times since January 2018! After we put out the results of the competition last month, it struck me that it might be rather cool to see a more visual illustration of that experience, so after researching various options, our new Maps page has been born!

Not surprisingly, the vast majority of the choirs who have joined us to date are based in the UK. However, I am so excited by the number which have also joined from all over the world – 182 as of this writing.

We have created two separate dynamic maps to reflect this on our new page. You can zoom in on both maps to find your own pin and see who else is around you. We have been careful at this stage to make the data completely anonymous, but if you’d like some information about your choir to appear when you click on your pin, we’d be very happy to add it for you.

Please get in touch by email to hello@choircommunity.net. We can show your choir name, any basic details and an image if you like as well. We will also add a link to your website if you add one to us from yours!

Here is the world map example. You can check this out and also find the UK map on the maps page itself as well, which is also available from the ‘About Us’ menu at the top of the page.

Do get in touch if you have any ideas about this or any other matter, We’d love to hear from you.

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