We Launch Our First Competition!

October 18, 2018 - By 

One of the challenges of any new business is to find new ways of reaching as much of their potential market as possible with a message that sparks interest or resonates with their audience in some way.   In these times where we are all constantly bombarded with information practically every moment, it sometimes feels like an impossible task not to be lost in the maelstrom!

At the same time however, we see examples ourselves every day of a message which has somehow managed to rise above the hubbub and get noticed.  These are the ‘viral’ messages and campaigns which somehow manage to strike a chord with people and get shared, liked, re-posted and re-tweeted until they become a recognised part of modern life.  The fascinating thing about these ‘memes’ is that there doesn’t seem to be a formula which they all share – no secret trick to making them work (except perhaps featuring a cute animal falling over).  If there was a guaranteed way to generate a viral campaign then we would see a lot more of them created by big corporations.  Instead they just pop up unexpectedly from almost every corner of society – which is of course what makes them so appealing in the first place.

Some of the things which most of these campaigns do seem to share however is that they are fun to experience, enjoyable to share, have an element of originality or surprise and don’t require much effort to experience.

…and that is a very long-winded way of introducing our new competition!  I’m not saying that I expect this to become a viral phenomenon (although that would be nice!), but I do hope that it will be something people will enjoy taking part in, sharing and telling others about!

We have called the competition “16 Seconds of Sound” and it basically involves recording your favourite phrase of choral music (available from ChoirCommunity of course!) and posting it on social media to share with anyone who might like to see it.   All submissions will be judged by myself and Craig and the winner will get a bespoke arrangement written specially for their choir by Craig himself!

All the details about the competition and how to enter are available here, as well as a full terms and conditions for the competition.

I hope you will enjoy taking part and good luck!


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