Roslyn’s Lullaby – Sam Burns

February 11, 2021 - By 
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This is worth a complete blog in its own right as it is such a lovely story with one of our own at the centre of it.  Sam Burns is currently taking a sabbatical / on semi-retirement building a school in Portugal, but still managed to find time to help a little girl in Pennsylvania, with the help of his Bristol MAN Chorus, some sea shanties and a special lullaby….

Sam has a brilliant new arrangement on the site as well this week – Mas Que Nada is an uplifting Latin classic and well worth a look!

Sam’s whole collection can also be found here.

  • Wonderful! While I live in Ballarat Australia, I was born in Bristol and worked at the BBC for 10 years. Fantastic memories. And beautiful singing!

  • That is SO cute! Well done, Sam!
    PS- I’m not crying, I’ve been chopping onions 🙂

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