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August 20, 2018 - By 

It is apparently ‘industry best practice’ to regularly refresh and update your website.  Something about search engine optimisation, click through rates and other important-sounding phrases.  We don’t know much about that, but we thought that there were some improvements we could introduce to make the browsing experience on ChoirCommunity a bit easier and to introduce some of the new elements we have been working on.

As the number of arrangements on the site has grown, we have realised that offering different ways to browse for what you are looking for is going to be increasingly useful.   We have classified all our titles by the type of choir they are most suitable for and made this the main way to browse from the new home page.  We will also add new groupings as we continue to grow – a batch of Christmas arrangements will follow soon for example.

For those of you still waiting for different voice arrangements (upper voice and lower voice arrangements in particular), please bear with us as we continue to work on sourcing high quality titles from new choral leaders who specialise in writing for these types of choirs.  We are committed to keeping the quality of the music on the site as high as possible, but we will be launching with some new music soon.

We have also used this opportunity to bring more attention to the organisations we have partnered with so far this year.  Young Voices, Music in Offices and Making Music have all helped in getting the message about ChoirCommunity out to a wider audience so we now have dedicated pages about each of them linked to the landing pages of the choir type associated with them.  You can also find these pages on the Partner menu at the top of every page.

Please let us know what you think of the changes and anything else you think we could improve.  It’s always great to hear from you!




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