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June 27, 2018 - By 

We have a new batch of arrangements cleared and published on our site this week!  The selection ranges from some classic pop and R&B, to country and finally some lovely new traditional English folk tunes from Gitika Partington.

First up are a couple of well-known classics from Craig.  I Say A Little Prayer is based closely on the Aretha Franklin version, while I Only Wanna Be With You takes some cues from both the Annie Lennox and Dusty Springfield versions of that song.

From Richard, we have a great version of Lovefool from the Cardigans for upper voices (SSSAA) which was written for his choir’s 20th anniversary concert.

It’s not just Kylie Minogue that is taking inspiration from Nashville either this year.  Gitika has a great arrangement of Jolene by Dolly Parton if you want to get into the country spirit.

Finally, Gitika has also added to her extensive range of folk arrangements on the site with four new songs, each offering something different, but equally enjoyable to learn and sing with scrunchy harmonies, rhythmic work and always great in performance.

Blow The Wind Southerly

Goodbye My Love Goodbye

Ramblin’ Sailor

I Will Give My Love An Apple

As always, we’d love to hear what you think of the new titles, or anything else on the site.  Please comment below or on our Facebook page (the link is in the footer).

Photograph by Karen Kodish

  • Could I please put in a plea for some SSA arrangements?

  • Hi Elaine
    We are certainly looking to add more SSA arrangements, as well as arrangements for other voices as soon as we can. In the meantime, we have added quite a few titles since we launched for SSA (or similar). Have you tried any of:
    Brother James Air
    Gaeliic Blessing
    Hopefully there’s something there which could be suitable?

  • Hi Craig
    I’d love to see more Male voice arrangements and an easy method of searching for them, particularly new or modern songs for choirs trying to secure a future.

  • Hi Colin
    Thanks very much for replying to the blog.
    We have a few TTBB arrangements awaiting approval, and are looking to adapt other of our existing arrangements to fit those groupings. As demand grows we are beginning to see where the real need is and we are equipped to provide as long as the hours are worth it! The new website will have many more searchable categories on it too!
    Maybe theres a particular song you have been looking for that you would like arranged? let us know that too
    Best Wishes

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