New Arranger Welcome – Keely Hodgson

March 29, 2022 - By 
Keely Hodgson and Choir

Earlier this month, we published a new collection from our latest arranger to join the team, Keely Hodgson.  Keely is the last new arranger we will be adding to the website for a while now as we focus on consolidating and adding to everyone’s collections.  That means this is probably the last Zoom chat for a bit as well, so we’re making the most of it!

It may be that this is true for us all, but it feels like a great many of Keely’s significant career and life choices were made on the basis of both marginal decisions and random events which could have gone very differently! In any event, it’s a fascinating insight into how music can inspire, influence and bring joy to the people around you.

You can check out Keely’s initial collection of songs and arrangements here.

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