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March 7, 2024 - By 

Ever since its inception in France in 1982, people all over the world have been dedicating one day each year to the simple joy of making music, with no barriers to anyone wanting to play and enjoy live performance.

In the intervening years, the idea has spread to over 125 countries and none more so than in the UK where last year, hundreds of events put on by tens of thousands of performers took place up and down the country.

We have teamed up with the Make Music Day team this year to help promote the day and make it even bigger than last year!

One of the ideas we had is to combine the other big initiative that we are promoting in 2024 and suggest that they could even be celebrated together?

So if you were considering doing something on Make Music Day but weren’t sure about a theme, why not consider ‘Sing To Save Lives’ as a great way to bring these two ideas together?

Sing To Save Lives is the brainchild of the team at the RNLI to celebrate their bicentenary and inspire the next generation of supporters and volunteers through music. The idea is to hold a maritime-themed concert, either to fund-raise for the charity or just inspire people to get involved.

With both events, you will get the benefit of support and resources from both organisations if you register with them. Click on the buttons below to find out more.

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