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Something struck me as I was working on the website last week to do with the how people are interacting with the site.

What struck me is that no matter how much we grow our portfolio over the next few years, ChoirCommunity is never going to be the sort of site where a prospective customer can say “I wonder if they’ve got <enter song title here> ?” and then search for it.

With the number of songs and other musical titles in the world, the chances of that method receiving a successful outcome is pretty small.   Instead, our customers have to be people who love the idea of a niche web shop developed specifically to support amateur choirs and trust that the arrangements here are some of the best around.

That sort of person would be happy to browse down a list of the titles that we offer until they see something which looks interesting and then say “Great, I’ll give that one a try” (after perhaps looking through the preview of the score or listening to the learning track excerpts).

Anyway, I hope that applies to you as we have created an online catalogue of all the titles currently on the site arranged alphabetically so you can browse down the list in a matter of moments and see if anything catches your eye.

The catalogue can be accessed here and downloaded as a PDF. It also contains links which take you straight to the relevant product page (if you’re already logged into the site, you can purchase the item with one more click – easy!)

Happy browsing!

Photograph by Karen Kodish


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