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July 16, 2018 - By 

As a new start-up business trying something a bit different, much of our effort and thinking goes into finding ways of building our audience and generating awareness of our existence.  In the modern world of connected devices and social media, this is in many ways easier than it used to be, but in some ways it is also more challenging, given the bewildering number of options available and the fact that we are now just one of millions of individuals and companies vying for your attention.

It is very difficult to know what will work best, but in the end we’ve realised that you just have to try out different ideas and see what sticks.  We have started posting fairly regularly to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and have plans to expand into Instagram and YouTube soon (with a competition in the Autumn which we hope you will find quite exciting – watch this space!).  We’ve also had our first review on our Facebook page which is very exciting – thank you Betsy Sansby!

One particular idea we are trying out is adding a group to our Facebook page as we think it would be great for our members to share more stories and experiences with each other about their choirs and the music they are making.  We’d also love to hear more about what is happening up and down the country and beyond.

The difference between a Facebook Group and a Page (for anyone who is unfamiliar) is that once you are a member of a group, you can post your own messages, photos and videos onto it for everyone else to see.  On a page you can only comment or like what is posted by the owner (e.g. Us).

We have made the ChoirCommunity group a ‘closed’ group, meaning that you have to request to join, but anyone who likes our page or requests to join will very likely be accepted!

So if you’re any level of Facebook user, please ‘Like’ our page (or even better, give us a glowing review!), join our group and we’ll see if we can create a really positive space to share the enjoyment of singing together on every level!  Click the link just above or in the footer of this page to jump to our Facebook page.



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