A Look Back At 2022

December 29, 2022 - By 
ChoirCommunity Arrangers; Ed Aldcroft, Ben See, Fiona Lander and Keely Hodgson

Well, it’s been quite a year hasn’t it? Despite all the challenges for so many people in 2022, there was still plenty to be thankful for at ChoirCommunity so we thought we’d look back on a few highlights of the year.  We hope you enjoy looking through them and sparking some positive memories of the last 12 months!

2022 Was The Year We……

…….  Welcomed Four New Arrangers

Given how much has happened since, it somehow feels like much longer ago, but for the first few months of 2022 we welcomed Ed, Ben, Fiona and Keely to the ChoirCommunity Team.  They all brought something brilliantly different, original and wonderful to our music library, as well as their own personalities to the team.  We hope you’re looking forward as much as we are to their next set of arragements!

Check out Ed Aldcroft’sBen See’sFiona Lander’s and Keely Hodgson’s collections by clicking on their name here

…….  Helped You To Support The People Of Ukraine

Thanks to two of our arrangers, Jake Alexander and Anna Tabbush, we were able to offer a musical way of supporting our neighbours in Ukraine this year. We know from the feedback we have had that tens of thousands of pounds have been raised for disaster support and refugee charities through performances of this music.

The two songs are still available as full resource packs to download for free on ChoirCommunity below:

Oi Khodyt’ Son Kolo Vikon (The Dream Passes By The Windows) – Jake Alexander
Harbour – Anna Tabbush

…….  Tried Our Hand At Music Videos!

It seems obvious now, but it has taken until this year to realise we had quite a good potential singing group among our arrangers team! Of course the tricky bit has been trying to organise them to actually choose a song and record it, but we did manage it a few times! The most important thing was that had a lot of fun making these and we hope you enjoyed listening to them! Here are a few of the examples below and there are many more choir videos on our YouTube Channel.

Shiny Happy People – Arr Craig McLeish

Harbour – Anna Tabbush

Liquid Spirit – Arr. Val Regan

…….  Put On Our First Repertoire Day

ChoirCommunity arranger Tim Allen and delegates of the first Repertoire Day in 2022

Thanks to Abi Moore, Fiona Lander, Tim Allen and Wendy Sergeant, we were able to host our first live repertoire day in Nottingham in August. This was a chance to fully try out new arrangements in a workshop setting with each song led by the choir leader that arranged them. The feedback we had from the day was really positive so we hope to be able to continue these in the future.

Check out Abi Moore’s, Fiona Lander’s, Tim Allen’s and Wendy Sergeant’s collections by clicking on their name here.

…….  Made Browsing Through Our Music Library Even Easier!

New Search Page with checkboxes to make it easier to search for music on ChoirCommunity


If you haven’t tried out the new search page on the website then head over to it now and let us know what you think. It has fixed many of the limitations you told us about over the last 12 months so we hope you find it useful while searching for your new repertoire of 2023!

Check out the new Search Page Here.



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