60 Seconds of Sound


The ChoirCommunity Competition is back, bigger and better!

Last year we launched our first ever competition – #16SecondsOfSound – and had a great response from our choir community!   Many of you sent in 16 second (or so) clips of you singing your favourite phrases from our repertoire and out of all the submissions, the Bishops Stortford Gospel choir came out winners with a section from ‘Lean On Me’ by Bill Withers.

For our second year, we’ve decided to do it all again, but go bigger!  We thought that perhaps 16 seconds was just a bit too short to make the most of the music and to showcase your choirs properly, so in the interests of retaining the alliteration, we are expanding the competition this time to 60 seconds of sound!

As last time, 1st prize is an exclusive bespoke arrangement or composition written by either Craig McLeish or Gitika Partington for your choir plus 10,000 bonus reward points (worth £50).   Other prizes are also available comprising big reward points giveaways!

Entering is easy.  Just follow these steps:

  1. Pick a favourite arrangement from the ChoirCommunity catalogue
  2. Pick a favourite section from that arrangement
  3. Rehearse and polish it up!
  4. Make a video of your choir singing it (60 seconds max.)
  5. Send it to us at [email protected].   Make sure you let us know the name of the choir and where you are located.  Given the increased size of the file this time, we would recommend sending it using a file transfer service like WeTransfer.com
  6. Post it to whatever social media sites you like (Ideally also the ChoirCommunity Facebook Supporters Group) with the hashtag #60SecondsOfSound

Craig, Gitika and I will review every submission and judge the winners which we will announce in TBD.  The closing date for the last entry will be TBD.

We have created our own YouTube channel where we will post all submissions we can (we will be limited to arrangements in the public domain for this as we can’t host videos of rights-owned arrangements ourselves).  However, we’d like to see as many as possible on your own social media pages!

For full terms and conditions click here.

Submission Example From Last Year

I’m extremely grateful to Nicola Howbrigg and the Bostock Singers in Hartford for helping me to provide an example video here.  We spent 20 mins rehearsing and then videoing this first phrase from Eriskay Love Lilt to give you an idea of what the clip should look like.  Feel free to be as creative as you like with your video clip (as this example is from last year, it’s only 16 seconds long, so remember you have up to 60 seconds this time!)

This video is also available on our YouTube channel which has a selection of the submissions from last year.  We will be setting up a new channel for this year, s0 if you subscribe to the page, you will be able to keep up with the submissions as they come in.  You can visit the ChoirCommunity YouTube Channel here.

A Few Tips on Video Files

Many modern smartphones and other similar devices have the ability to record great quality video.  However, the resulting files can be rather large and not suitable for emailing or posting to social media.

There are two main factors to consider:  1) the quality / resolution of the image recorded and 2) the type of file which the device is saving the video as.

For the purposes of this competition, the best resolution settings to balance quality with file size are 720p or 1080p, certainly no higher.  Also, the best filetype to use is MPEG4 (.mp4), as this provides good data compression for the video and sound separately.

A 60 second video recorded in this way will still be quite a few megabytes in size.  Other formats will be larger, so if your device has recorded the video in a different format, there are some good online conversions websites which will convert the file to the right format.  A good example is online-convert.com.  Another good cloud-based site which compresses video files is VideoSmaller.

The best way to transfer the resulting file is using a file transfer service like WeTransfer.   Please send the files to [email protected]